Have you ever transformed a person with your skills? Have you ever encountered a scene where people adore you and wish to be like you? I can say that’s a greater level influencing personality.

Isn’t it the best feeling when people praise you for your attitude, they appraise to be a blueprint of you?

Recently I visited Starbucks in Church Street. It was a bright sunny weekend. I love black coffee at Starbucks. That aroma strike my nose and boosted me to re-start work with positive vibes. 

When I was enjoying my drink resting on a sofa. I saw a juvenile girl entering Starbucks . Every individual present in the cafe staired her for a long time. 

She was freaking hot. Her attitude attracted even women’s present there. Trust me she was in casual outfit jeans, a shirt with a laptop sling bag, simple flat footwear with no makeup. Her body aroma could make anyone crazy. Every step she moved in a classic way anyone would keep on seeing that without taking eyes off.

A couple sitting next to me started praising her, craving to be like her. 

She reached the counter to place an order. Her conveyance was classy and a smile on her face there was no egoistic sound, friendly and polite course of action could make anyone like her instantly. 

She passed in front of me after collecting the order . I just saw her and she gave a decent smile which really made me feel good. After a while I moved up to the restroom and I saw her working on her laptop. Returning back she called me in a polite way. Asking if I can help her with wifi connection I got an opportunity to have a conversation with her. 

She introduced herself and guessed what our profession matched, both of us were working in the same domain. Maybe that made it a way to have an interesting conversation. 

She was the CEO of a company but her way was a simple zero attitude in her behaviour.  

I was influenced by her politeness and gallantry manner. We people after we start earning an attitude, we forget how to behave and our simplicity dissolves.

We should never stop learning and our behaviour can make hell a lot of difference in today’s world if we should be noted in a group of people an influential personality creates a major role.

Try to consider and think of influencing people with glorious notion what you consist of.