Every human species in this universe would have experienced some or the other melodrama of emotions, failure or not having a good life cycle. 

Even Tata, Malya, Birla kind of people who sound financially secure. Lack of peace of mind. 

There was a time when I lived at an extreme level of isolation. None in this world could change my mind of acquiring happiness. 

I shaped my mind and behaviour stubbornly. I did things that took me to outstretch my satisfaction. Not what people select for me. 

But this didn’t halt for a long time. Time moved closer to change the complete view of people. People are aroused in my life to teach the reality of human beings. Life alarmed me to show there are opportunists more than people who lend hands to help out. 

Well, this was a time when I started experiencing a social kind of life. Talking to new people started taking things too serious in my life. This hitched somewhere I believe.

My mind got convinced that people are important in life. We should be ready to sacrifice things. At some point we should train our mind to compromise and take risks for our people whom we like and trust. 

Yet I failed to realise dumping ourselves in trouble and keeping our loved one in a castle. May bury us on a fire if another person is just an opportunist. 

My heart and mind was wholelly taken by my loved ones. Always  keeping them happy was my priority. Guarding them from problems and difficulties was my responsibility. 

Do all people whom you take care of, pour unconditional love and affection respect you, value you and treat you in the same way? 

Unfortunately, No… even fruits sprouted in the same tree are different sized, taste range too distinct. How can you expect a human whose mind is evil haunted to understand your pure minded holiness. 

It’s never a flaw to do good things for people and be with them during tough times. For whom are you investing your valuable time? Are they worth it? Only matters because at the end of the scene you should never regret giving 100% to wrong people.

Trust me, people come into our life to teach great lessons remarkably till the end. 

My view of living entirely changed. I started mending my mind to accept the reality of life. Keeping my emotions away from people who are awaiting to use it and poured on to humans are craving for my presence. 

Yes, I regret I feel worse when I get zero value after putting my effort to keep up everything best I could. But my heart is pure, not regrets or guilt. I believe that’s what is still keeping my mind at peace.