“Success is in the pocket for people who work constantly, believe themselves and never surrender until they reach the desired result”.

Yes, it’s very challenging to have a persistent view on what you want to accomplish but once you end negative thoughts to occupy your mind then make a mark it’s a trouble-free journey to get what you always dreamt of. 

Just give a thought there are enormous people in the world who are happily victorious.

Do you think their trip to stretch out objectives is easy? 

No, achievement is not at all a readymade food to have peacefully. It’s a battle between you and your desired results.

It’s always a tough road when we opt for breaking our comfort zone and exceed our limitation to reach out for attainment. 

Well, recently there was a seminar related to skills upgradation at Taj recited in Mg road. 

There were many Entrepreneurs, startup employees present. 

I found one of my school buddy there and she was granted an excellent quality service award. 

I wouldn’t be surprised by her prize since she was a smart cookie, intelligent and pro at studies as I have seen her in school days. 

After the seminar I met and congratulated her for her efforts winning the award. 

We went out for a cup of coffee. As I started asking about personal life she got disturbed and her throat was striving to throw out a single word. 

She got married too early. Handling family at an age of exploring and experiencing life was a stumbling block. 

Unfortunately, she went through physical and emotional dramatic play in her life. Because of her partner’s delinquency behaviour she got separated from her spouse’s family.

In India you can find a handful of people who support and be a motivator for divorced women. 

Most people encounter much pressure and dilemmas in life when they fail to find solutions for their own problems. And much interested in what others are facing in life. 

Whole family, relatives and friends pointed to her being a girl, you should tune-up yourself as how your partner and his family wants you to be. 

You can always make some minus and plus to fit in family to make them happy but you can’t sacrifice your whole life and give up your ecstasy and tremble your peace of mind.

Every human in this world has a drawback. All are in a state of mind to stretch out for tranquil and to have a perfect life. 

Everyday is a new opportunity to start a desired life. It always depends on us how we utilize them.

If she would influence her brain with criticism, people’s taunts and immolate her entire life for her husband’s happiness. 

One she couldn’t have achieved what she always aimed for.

Second entire life would go leading a dreadful existence and displaying fakey happiness, everything alright kinda life cycle.  

After having successful life people who hassled her for personal dilemmas, they came back with an apology and understood her life ambition and her knotted life she lived with her husband’s family.

Don’t compromise your mind for living a futile life despite drill your brain to go unstoppable till you reach out what you always incline for.