“In order to say yes to your priorities you have to be willing to say no to your emotions”. 

Have you rendezvoused scenes you have got lost making decisions between your priorities for life and emotions?  Then regret could have been chosen for a better option. 

Cheerio(cheers) even though I’m one among you. Many times getting trapped with emotions we fail to realise what matters in the long run of life. 

It’s not that we can’t form a judgement but many times our necessity can play a significant role which takes us back to make better choices.

Well, there are certain stages of my life where I turn back and repent thinking could have opted for a better way of living which was there in my hand and figured out how I wanted.

This  instant happened when I was in 12th grade. I wasn’t studying as much as I was during my school days(9th standard) . I passed with better grades than my friends. After this my parents had already planned getting me admitted to engineering college. But as I could not get through a better ranking I got a seat for engineering at my native(shimoga).

Me and my pappa visited the college and everything went how I wanted and my parents. Only a few days left until I left. I remember it was the month of July when I met one of my school friends.

We never had that close bonding even being school friends but after meeting within a week we became bread and jam. Only 3days left until my departure from my place for further education. 

I met her in a coffee shop for the last goodbye hug she was not like as other days. I could see a low-spirited girl in front of me. I never expected my leave of absence to make her dejected. 

She wanted my presence badly after hours of conversation. I made up my mind to give up on my dream of engineering and do my BCA (bachelors of computer application). Because of my decision my parents were much disturbed as I was the only last hope in my family to fulfill their dreams as well as mine(Even now in my corner of my heart I regret it). 

Everything started getting normal as before but I found much difference in my friend. She was not like starting who was always with me, sharing things, her care affection had changed completely. 

I was no longer important to her. She got a new company at her college. Her free time was accommodated talking to them, going out with them. I was tossed from her life. 

I don’t blame her for not giving me time but I hold liable for my decision. I could be a better decision maker for my life. 

But it’s ok it was a lesson to make me understand my priorities. 

Remember one thing irrespective of people, situation or emotions. Make sure what you want and what is important to shape your life. Don’t be sentimental dunce. 

Don’t give a chance to blame yourself for not opting for a better choice.