Who doesn’t want attention? Who doesn’t want to be liked? Who doesn’t want to get noticed in a gang?

All want to be isn’t it? Do you have that unique quality where people come and greet you with a smile. Notice you in a group and praise you for your talent.

Buddy, you should be having a unique skill if people should like you.

Well to be unique it’s not you have to be a successful breed but you should know your knack. 

Let me take you in depth. Every human species in this world is hidden with a versatile gift. Maximal mankind stumbles on talent that they conquer. These people get noted on the best things they carry and get appreciation. 

But some are craven to bring out what they have. 

Thinking about what people may think? Will they support?

Honey without being an open book don’t expect people to read you and like the contents of what you have.

Let me tell you a personal experience that I encountered recently. 

I was scrolling through instagram’s homepage. I noticed one post a boy was singing old hindi songs with a very pleasing voice. A free-flowing tongue could feel his breath through his song. 

Guess what he was my school friend. 

This scandalized me. I was really surprised. This youngster in school days was a slacker, frightened creature. Even a small question asked by the teacher he used to fail answering and now my gosh. 

His voice had the power of making anyone smile and like him on the spot.

I read the comments of people who praised him for his voice. 

I commented on his post and he recognized me. We met the very next day I could see the super version of him. His attire of dress, accent of english, the way he walked everything projected he has discovered what really he deserves. 

Now people wait for his message, girls are craving when his post will be uploaded.

My daily outfit for work would be a conservative indian wearing a kurti and pants.  Plain-speaking the same costume would be for client meetings as well. 

I altered my outfits with a modern costume. I observed changes in my colleagues. They started to associate with me more than before I could realise the difference. I wore blue jeans, white shirt and a vase coat to a client meeting which was held in Starbucks church street. 

Trust me I had been to that place plenty of time but when I was attractive and dressed up well people greeted me with a smile and a wish.

Strangers started giving a smile because I ranked the trending look. 

People value you only if you are leading and ranking the present stage of life. Be pro in what you are. Stand for what you want world fucks if you stay behind buddy. 

Without preparing food if you expect to fill your starve it’s foolishness. 

Stop magnifying. Go explore what you are supreme at. Many are good at singing but their voices will be heard only in four walls.

Some at painting.

Some at dance.

Bundle your scare, self-effacing feel toss to corner. Live present life with a smile and humble character.